Customised Sustainable Packaging

The main task of packaging is certainly the protection of valuable items during transportation. But how can customers make this material more sustainable?




The service at Unisto includes a complete service in the field of packaging systems. This ranges from customised packaging designs to ongoing research and comprehensive testing. In addition to innovative materials and classic cardboard, targeted packaging systems specifically adapted for a single product can significantly improve sustainability.


An essential part of designing sustainable packaging solutions is the reduction of finite, non-renewable resources. In modern packaging, explicit attention is paid to the minimum and targeted use of petroleum-based plastics. For example, the majority of the cardboard used by Unisto is made from recycled cardboard.  


All our packaging solutions are based on the current specifications and guidelines of the European Standard such as DIN EN 22 206 and DIN EN 22 248. Beside that, we also follow the international regulations of REACH, TSCA, FSC and so forth to cover the need of a global transportation and importation feasibility.


In addition to the impact on our environment, the protection of the goods during transport is of course in the foreground. This central aspect is taken into account right from the start of the design process and tested extensively on a series prototype. Based on international standards and norms, our packaging solutions have to pass industry-specific tests such as drop test, material test, edge crush test, etc.